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When black notes are separated from white notes, a great thing occurs:

          Improvement occurs
                       on the spot

You play 1 or 2 lines, and immediately feel how much better and faster you’re reading.

Reading a piece written in Fm (4b) or E (4#) is much easier than reading a piece in C.

So now reading Chopin, Bach and Tchaikovsky is easy and fun.

                                    And that what it's all about -- isn't it?

Improve your reading
Playing more means
better playing

You can read & play longer
iCanPiano makes playing to be  much more relaxed
When playing from iCanPiano notes you can spot all the black notes right away.

If you think about it, this is the only thing you as a pianist knows for sure.
Whether you are playing a white note or a black note.  You can even
feel it in your hands thanks to the way the piano keyboard is built.

By spotting the black keys right away, you can prepare better for playing them
when they appear and after all -- when you read notes, you are under lots
of pressure - many elements to grasp and you have to move fast!

With iCanPiano notes, the piano keyboard is displayed inside the notes every
time there is a black note in the piece.

It is like a beacon that lights your way.  Thanks to this beacon, eye-keyboard
contact is improved significantly.

Now, you won’t have to think so hard when reading, especially as far as
note recognition is concerned.

Your mind is less occupied and doesn't work as hard, and guess what...

Black & White notes
The visual aspect is critical to playing while reading, because there are many elements
of the notes you must pay attention to.

iCanPiano notes reduces the number of elements so the time elapses between
when you see the notes and play them decreases significantly.

The visual aspect
What you see is what you play!
Piano notes
The note D# is depicted as half-black half-white, so that it visually describes the location where it’s played on the piano keyboard.
With iCanPiano notes, you clearly see a small portion of
the piano keyboard inside the notes.

So...  when your eyes move from the notes to the piano
keyboard you can spot where you are much faster and
make fewer mistakes.

iCanPiano notes works on the visual aspect of reading notes.

When reading regular notes, you have to figure out which
note to play. With iCanPiano you know which note to play.
The concept
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