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How to play
iCanPiano notes don't have sharps, flats or natural.
Instead -- there is a new note called 'The i-note'.

The i-notes

'i-notes' refers to all the black keys on the
piano keyboard.

There are flat i-notes and sharp i-notes.

Flat 'i-note'
Sharp 'i-note'
When an 'i-note' appears, play the black key to the right or left side of the white space!

For example:
Play the black note                   Play the black note     
to the left side of A                  to the right side of A

Advance reading
i-notes at the beginning of each piece indicates the key signature – the scale.

In this example there are 4 flats.
The scale is either Ab or Fm.

There is
no need to remember them while playing since all sharps and flats are already indicated inside the piece.
Key signature
In some cases there are sharp and flat notes that are White keys and not Black such as: Ebb, Fb, B# or G##.

In this case there is a Special i-note which is half black at the top or bottom
The following table shows how it is written.
Double flat - Double sharp
The Special i-note can be found in some advance pieces.

First example
Read and play both the standard and iCanPiano notes.

Try the right hand. No rush. Take your time.

Standart notation
Try it now!!!
What you see is what you play!

Second example
When it comes to chords, it really gets easy.

Play and compare standard and iCanPiano notes.

Try it now - Chords!!!

Standart notation

iCanPiano notation
After playing iCanPiano for a while,

you will become better reading
standard piano notes.

iCanPiano notation
iCanPiano helps you read piano music fluently.

It is not a course.
No practice is needed.

Just play!
Musical               Standard                 iCanPiano
                      notation                   notation
Half and Whole i-notes
     Half                           Half
flat i-note                Sharp i-note
   Whole                       Whole
flat i-note                Sharp i-note

How to play
All other notes are printed in traditional fashion.
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